Lake Community Gardens is situated in a beautiful valley in Lake on the Isle of Wight. It is a 16 acre site, a haven for wildlife and birds. We have resident buzzards, a heron, ducks and badgers, not to mention a couple of cheeky foxes. And let's not forget Cummings-the-cat, a sleek black feline who has decided to make this site her home.
It is a tranquil setting with a nature trail around our two lakes, which are ideal for a gentle stroll and taking time out to sit quietly, simply enjoying the peaceful calm around you.
It is open to local residents as well as visitors from anywhere on this planet. Everybody is welcome.

The charity has only recently taken over this site so there's plenty of work ahead.
Our short-term aim is no different from our long-term aim which is to maintain and develop the site, protect our wildlife area and to grow, grow grow...…. not only trees and crops but establishing a close connection with the local community.
Our volunteers are the core workforce and their contribution is invaluable.

Friendship, recognition and well-being.
These are gems we all should be entitled to. They make our lives richer, more fulfilling. Sadly, a great many of us miss out and our lives become miserable. Financial hardship and social isolation are some of the issues many of us have to struggle with. They often result in poor physical and mental health. If you feel lonely and depressed it is hard to believe that you're not the only one feeling this way. It is not a pleasant feeling, yet it is a feeling you share with many others. Only they don't know you and you don't know them, but you could. And become friends.

Coping alone is disheartening, but say, just say that you were given the opportunity to be part of something.
This something could be a small something, pruning trees, tending to crops or harvesting fruit. Or perhaps something much more physically demanding like digging a path and cutting down brambles or something rewardingly relaxed like feeding the cat or making a pot of tea for everyone. The important thing is that you and your team will work on a specific task together and have a chat and a laugh together. Or perhaps a good moan. It may be too hot in summer or too cold in winter so you can grumble about that as well. Or anything that springs to mind. If you remember to do so. You might be too busy and having too much fun.
All this will not solve the problems you have to deal with, but it will enable you to think more positively. Feeling positive will empower you to  manage them in a more constructive way. And you will have spent all day outdoors in a beautiful setting. With new friends. You will go home tired, aware of muscles you didn't know existed. And somehow...just somehow everything feels much lighter. '' See you guys tomorrow. We'll get the job done! ''

Garden Buddies
You love gardening but aren't able to maintain it any longer. You cannot afford to employ someone to do it for you.
Imagine a having a Garden Buddy who will do it for free in return for a small corner of your garden where they can grow their own herbs and vegetables. Which they share with you. If you get on and trust each other you will both benefit. And your garden will look great.

Job Busters
Some repair jobs are too small to call somebody out to do it for you, yet too big for you too handle. You can always call Job Busters. Maybe you just want a piece of furniture moved, a fuse changed or help with the shopping. Maybe you just want a bit of company. Our team of volunteers will be happy to help and stay for a cup of tea and a chat.

' Green up ' your local town
We will work with other charities who are already doing a great job keeping the town centres green and beautiful, by supplying them with plants.

As well as having a share in the crops grown on the site we offer planters, plants and compost so you can grow your own crops at home. You can help make the planters or we'll make them for you. This means you will always have a supply of fresh vegetables. If you need suggestions and advice we're always there for you. We'll also give you a few hints how to cook them.

Art and gardens
Our long-term plan is to create a series of round, inter-locking gardens, inspired by local artists and built by our team of volunteers.
Each garden will be different. You never know what you may discover. Everybody is welcome to take part in this project.


Bees are a vital part of the survival of the natural environment, not to mention the planet.
We will make the site an attractive habitat for bumblebees by growing flowers and shrubs that they prefer. We are also build rockpile homes for them. Our local beekeepers have agreed to put six hives on the land, and tend to them themselves.

Food banks
We hope to provide fresh vegetable and fruits for free for local Foodbank recipients.

Green energy and recycling
Our aim is to promote eco-friendly living whenever possible and help reduce carbon footprints.
The site is too distant from the main grid so we are reliant on green energy sources: Wind, solar and water. As it happens this fits our overall principle. Since the charity is still in its early stages all of these are yet to be installed. Anyone interested are welcome to visit and follow the progress from the start.
We will be using reusable rather than disposable packaging and keep the site and surrounding areas litter-free.
All materials will be recycled and disposed of safely.
Foodwaste will be used as compost.
Where possible reclaimed wood will be used as building materials.

All these projects when linked together is a good way to bond the local community. This is our aim. The more people reach out to each other the stronger and friendlier the community becomes.

It's early days still but we're already rolling and hope that you will roll along with us. Please keep checking our website for regular updates and join us on Facebook and Twitter.